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Our clients trust us with a wide variety of projects because they value our many years of experience. After the briefing, the survey starts promptly, and within a very short time, our clients have the desired data in their hands. We will show you the procedure for our surveys using a sample project.

appJobber Workflow


  • Assessment of the requirements

  • Scope of the market survey

  • Clarification of deadlines and costs


  • External completion of tasks

  • Regional quotas

  • Interim meeting (if desired)


  • Internal review of the evidence images

  • Correction and follow-up survey if necessary

  • Analysing and compiling the data


  • Data transfer via download

  • Customised spreadsheet

  • Dashboard with visualisation

  • Project report as slide deck

  • Recommendations for action

Sample Project: Liquor Placement in the Checkout Area

Using an example, we’re happy to show you how appJobber collects and analyses information at the PoS,

Project Description

Due to a lack of distribution data on the frequency and quality of spirits placements in the checkout area, a leading spirits manufacturer chose to have a nationwide, statistically representative field survey carried out in the retail trade. A total of 1,400 shops were visited, divided between four food discounter chains with the largest market share.

Survey Objective

  • Number of checkout placements with spirits

  • Share and facings of all brands and size units

  • Extraction of prices per SKU

Run Time 

  • 4 weeks

  • including briefing, field survey and reporting

Jobber-provided Evidence

  • Overview photos of the situation at the checkout area

  • Detailed photos of the liquor placements at each checkout


Of the four discounters, Discounter A is clearly lagging behind in terms of the availability of spirits at the checkout. Whilst discounters B to C have liquor checkout counters in 98.2 - 99.7 % of the stores visited, the rate at Discounter A is only 91.1 %.

The pattern is even clearer when it comes to the availability of the specific liquor brand sought for in this survey. Here, discounters B to C range between 91.8% and 96.8%. Only 80.8 % of the stores visited by Discounter A had the desired spirit at the checkout. There is an urgent need for the manufacturer to take action here.

Looking at Discounter A in detail, it is noticeable that, despite the low placement rate, the specific liquor brand claims second place in the ranking of facings (16.9 %). So if it is available, it is extremely present in the competition with usually 2 facings per till. This makes it all the more important to improve the placement rate and expand this position.

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