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European Tech Alliance (EUTA)


appJobber is proud to be a member of the leading political industry association, the European Tech Alliance (EUTA). EUTA brings together more than 36 leading European technology enterprises with different business models, from different sectors and member states, and gives these companies a voice in digital legislation at a European level.

Our aim is to create a better future for Europe through technology and on the basis of common EU values. In doing so, we contribute to our local economy and create a sustainable, greener, innovative and inclusive Europe for future generations. Our current work is focussed on the EU initiatives on Artificial Intelligence and platform work. EUTA organises the annual CEO Forum in Brussels and is the initiator of the EUTA Manifesto, a forward-looking master plan that sets the course for European digital policy until 2030.

As part of EUTA, our mission is to create a better future for Europe through technology. The manifesto sets out a vision and our recommendations to boost Europe's competitiveness and innovation through fair and consistent enforcement for all players active in the EU market and through targeted and specific EU initiatives.

EUTA CEO FORUM 2023 in Brussels with EU Vice President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager

EUTA Members (Extract):

For sustainability across Europe!

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