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Infrastructure providers are companies that provide services related to locally distributed physical assets. Some examples of infrastructure providers are telecommunications companies that provide mobile networks and broadband internet access, logistics companies that provide transport and storage solutions, and energy suppliers that provide electricity and gas infrastructure.

The management of infrastructure points such as mobile phone antennas, car parks, switch boxes, telephone boxes, waste containers or bus stops was previously only possible with an extensive fleet of field service agents, who enable continuous maintenance and monitoring.

Changing Infrastructure

What Challenges Are Infrastructure Operators Facing?


Infrastructure operators are currently facing a number of challenges:


Site inspections and inspections are essential when setting up new infrastructure facilities or expanding existing facilities. Infrastructure operators must ensure that the planned sites are both technically and legally suitable and comply with all applicable standards and regulations.


Infrastructure operators face the challenge of continuously maintaining and modernising their infrastructure to ensure operational capability and efficiency. Bottlenecks in maintenance or outdated equipment can lead to failures and affect operational performance. It is important to develop maintenance plans to carry out regular inspections, servicing and modernisation.


Infrastructure operators may face acts of vandalism and sabotage that can affect their facilities and lead to downtime. It will be important to improve security measures, implement monitoring systems and ensure rapid responses to potential threats.


Infrastructure operators are increasingly facing the challenge of making their activities more sustainable and introducing more environmentally friendly practices. The pressure to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and utilise renewable energy is increasing. Infrastructure operators need to develop strategies to reduce their ecological impact and adapt to new environmental regulations and standards.


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To actively meet the current challenges, infrastructure operators need a partner at their side who can act quickly throughout Germany. appJobber offers a comprehensive catalogue of services to provide you with reliable support.


With appJobber, you can manage challenges more efficiently and delegate tasks to focus on your core competences. A crowdworking service provider offers the advantage of scalability and flexibility as it provides access to a large number of jobbers in different locations nationwide with different skills and expertise. This enables infrastructure operators to respond quickly to increased demand and deploy resources precisely when they are needed.  


Jobbers can assist with site assessments and inspections by collecting information and taking pictures to help evaluate potential sites. They collect important data on accessibility, suitability and required modifications and create reports to support the decision-making process. In addition to documentation as a basis for the initial assessment and planning of installations at a site or development of the same, it is also possible to research suitable locations for possible installations.


appJobber can also assist in the monitoring of infrastructure assets by carrying out regular checks and reporting any damage or anomalies. Jobbers can assist in carrying out maintenance and modernisation work, especially for non highly specialised tasks. This may include inspecting equipment, testing equipment or carrying out repairs or cleaning.

The inspection of building conditions is also an area in which jobbers can be deployed. The diversity and global network of jobbers also allows us to cover various locations that are located in other countries.

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Every project has its own requirements and special characteristics. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and draw up an offer that exactly matches your needs. We look forward to getting to know you and your company!

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