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Crowdworking can be used efficiently in various sectors and industries. Here we present solutions that cover the most common use cases. It is a form of work in which tasks or projects are outsourced to a large group of people who carry them out via the internet or digital apps. Here are some industries in which crowdworking is used successfully:


Crowdworking can be used in retail for mystery shopping, price surveys and product range analyses. Retailers can also use appJobber to conduct consumer surveys or obtain feedback on new products, shelf layouts or marketing campaigns.


Market Research

Market analyses, online focus groups, measurement of consumer behaviour and ad-hoc surveys on brand awareness and product opinion make appJobber a perfect fit for market research companies.



Mobility service providers have several opportunities to utilise crowdworking in their industry. This includes fleet management and maintenance, mobility analyses and ride sharing as well as delivery and courier services.


Consumer Goods

Crowdworking offers FMCG companies numerous approaches in the areas of merchandising and shelf placement, price and competition analyses, market research, in-store promotions and mystery shopping.



Infrastructure operators can use appJobber for geodata mapping and condition-focused inspections. We collect geodata to update map material or record the condition of roads, buildings, signage and infrastructure elements in the areas of mobility, electricity, gas and telecommunications.


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