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Climate Protection


As such, we would like to further intensify our commitment to climate protection. What does this mean for us?

Environmental Sustainability

With its company headquarters in the immediate vicinity of Darmstadt's main railway station, appJobber has access to a good public transport infrastructure. For example, business trips are only undertaken by car in justified cases in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Our travelling employees receive a BahnCard50, which they can also use privately. This incentivises them to use public transport more when travelling off the clock.

Naturally, this also applies to travelling to work, for which we are pursuing a similar concept with travel cost subsidies for public transport tickets. Even before the pandemic, mobile working was already firmly established in the company structure. For example, employees can do their work from home and thus avoid commuting.


Economic Sustainability

Many of our company's projects are focussed on sustainability and environmental protection. For example, appJobber won the contest to develop the Hessen Natur App. As part of the "Waldecho" project, we are working with Rhineland-Palatinate’s Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry to keep the state forest clean. In addition, our information platform for barrier-free places in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate "" was honoured with the 4th Hessian Health Award.

The Mängelmelder, a platform for citizens to report issues with services provided by their regional government, is an "award-winning place in the country of ideas" developed by wer denkt was GmbH. This award from the German government serves to make Germany's diversity visible.

We also put the concept of sustainability into practice when it comes to energy use. Our partner, TeleData GmbH, ensures that the energy supply for our IT server structure is based entirely on green electricity. When selecting suppliers, we also attach great importance to regionality and short distances.


Social Sustainability

As a young, sustainability-conscious IT company, appJobber places particular emphasis on equal opportunities in its corporate philosophy. Around a third of all employees are people with a migration background or people with disabilities. The management also emphasises an equitable gender balance.

Employees can take advantage of flexible part-time and flexitime options as well as mobile working in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance and increase satisfaction in our family-friendly company. Employees with young families in particular enjoy advantages here. Since the beginning of August 2017, wer denkt was GmbH has also been a training centre for young IT developers and system administrators.

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Sustainable and climate-friendly in all areas of business!

Every project has its own requirements and special characteristics. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and draw up an offer that exactly matches your needs. We look forward to getting to know you and your company!

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