hmizapp – first crowdworking platform in Morocco

! مرحبا المغرب – Bonjour le Maroc ! – Hello Morocco!

Crowdworking Platform hmizapp

Since mid-June 2022 the crowdworking app hmizapp is available in the app stores in Morocco. hmizapp is a white-label version of the Europe-wide operating microjobbing platform appJobber.

HMIZAPP - The app of small good deals
hmizapp is made up of the words "hmiza" and "app". hmiza derives from hamza, which means "a good deal / opportunity" in Moroccan dialect. So hmiza means "small good deal".

With hmizapp jobbers in Morocco can easily earn extra money with small jobs on their smartphones. Prerequisite: users must be of legal age, have a working smartphone and have the status of a self-employed person in Morocco. Jobs are available throughout Morocco.

hmizapp is offered by CLEAR SIGHT S.A.R.L, an innovative start-up company from Morocco.

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