Hej till Sverige! appJobber is heading for Sweden!

Our crowdworking App appJobber is already available in many European countries and has already many fans for example in Denmark. Now it‘s time to jump over the Öresund bridge and to say välkommen!

Get appJobber now for free on Google Play and on the AppStore! - Photo: #527014723, Farknot Architect, shutterstock.com

With appJobber you can earn some money in your spare time by fulfilling little tasks with your smartphone. Our little jobs are very easy:
- Check if a restaurant still exists and make photos of the opening times.
- Go to a supermarket and make some photos of special products or shelves.
- Go to a shop and get some information about products or services.

You‘ll be paid for your effort. For that – of course – it‘s important to meet all requirements and to follow the instructions in the help section.

How can you start? Just download appJobber on the AppStore or on Google Play for free. Sign in with a valid email adress and than you can have a look at the map and find some jobs nearby. Please note: Complementary to the jobs on the map you can also find scouting jobs. These jobs can be done almost everywhere. So don‘t miss them!

So, which jobs are waiting for you in Sweden at the moment?

Motorola Checks
Your task: Go to the in the assignment indicated store and take pictures of the placement of the devices and give some information about the placement of Motorola smartphones. For your effort you‘ll get a reward of 126 SEK.

Store Checks Your task: Go to a store of your choice of a specific market chain and take overview pictures of the mentioned departments. Best of all: You can decide which branch of that chain you visit. The jobs can thus be comfortably integrated into your everyday life and your routes. Please note: This job is a scouting job, so you‘ll find it in the scouting job section. Your reward: 62 SEK.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with appJobber!

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