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Mystery Shopping

Jobbers Inspect Your Point of Sale

You would like to determine whether the shopping experience for customers and the product quality at the point of sale meet your requirements? With appJobber, you have thousands of mystery shoppers at your fingertips who can check the service and product quality nationwide at any time through test purchases.


your Point of Sale!


We Examine

the shopping experience at your PoS.

We Test

in retail, pharmacies, restaurants and petrol stations.

Assess Your Point of Sale

based on empirical data

Customer approach, friendliness, advisory services and cleanliness: many important KPIs are difficult to check if employees know that they are being observed. The best way to gain such insights is through mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers visit your point of sale and answer a catalogue of questions about the shopping experience.

We brief our jobbers according to your needs. Using a clearly defined conversation guide, they check the specific KPIs that are important to you and provide precise evidence of their visit. We verify the accuracy and plausibility of every test purchase using photos and GPS.

This ensures that you get the data you need to improve the quality of your services.

Mystery Shopping

tailored to your needs

The design of a mystery shopping assignment depends entirely on your needs. Test shoppers can answer the following questions and more for you:

  • Which brands and products do staff recommend in response to a particular purchase interest?
  • Do customers find the advice they receive satisfactory, friendly and competent?
  • Do the checkout staff ask for the loyalty card? Are loyalty points or giveaways offered?
  • Are the staff polite - including greeting, saying "thank you" and saying goodbye?
  • Do the staff wear the prescribed work clothes?
  • Does the sales area appear clean, tidy and well-maintained?
  • Do the staff adhere to the agreed compliance catalogue?

We are happy to expand the catalogue of questions to include features that are particularly important to you.

  • Are certain products available?
  • Are promotional and advertising materials set up or displayed?
  • Do the employees adhere to cross- and upselling guidelines?

What do Shoppers Think?

We find out for you!

This is how

Shopper Insights

from real consumers

Test purchases as part of a mystery shopping assignment or on their own: Jobs with a mandatory purchase and subsequent product testing or tasting are also possible. Whether in a supermarket, electronics store or drugstore: appJobber provides thousands of jobbers who are also normal consumers. With a test purchase, we provide answers to the important questions:

  • What image do my brand and my product have among consumers?
  • How is the packaging received by consumers?
  • Does my product taste good to my target group?
  • Has the best-before date already been reached? 
  • What is the re-purchase rate?

On request, we test new products, answer questions about the purchase and consumer preferences and provide concrete insight into shoppers' product preferences. Mystery shoppers are selected and approached in a customised and target group-oriented manner.

Let’s Deliver – Together!

Quick Project Start

Once commissioned, the appJobber experts create the jobs for the crowdworkers within a few days according to your briefing. This ensures that even time-critical surveys are started and completed within the campaign period.

Representative Sampling

With over one million active users, appJobber ensures that the data collected is statistically significant. appJobber can also cover rural areas and smaller retail chains.

Customised Reporting

appJobber collects precisely the data you need. We discuss your specific goals in advance and design both the survey and the analysis in such a way that you can control your activities at the point of sale in the best possible manner.

Real-Time Dashboard

Part of our collaboration is always your free access to the appJobber dashboard. Here you can follow the data collection in the field in real time, analyse it visually and react immediately.

Quality Analysis Made in Germany

Our in-house analysts evaluate all collected data according to consistent standards. We check the quality, plausibility and geographical veracity of results at our headquarters in Germany – compliant with the GDPR.

Value for Money

With appJobber, you pay per store visit. Depending on the task, the desired data can be collected at a low cost - significantly below the personnel costs for your own sales force.

Start Your Mystery Shopping Project!

Every project has its own requirements and special characteristics. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and draw up an offer that exactly matches your needs. We look forward to getting to know you and your company!

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